Alrighty folks - it's time for a new 101 in 1001 days list and I promise this one is chock-full of goodness! A reminder of the rules? In the next 2.75 years, I will attempt to complete 101 things.  This year's list is a mix of new year's resolutions, to-dos and big ticket items that are more long term. Here goes nothing!

Start date: January 1, 2017
Progress: 39 complete, 62 to go!
End date: September 28, 2019

DC Bucket List (5/9)
1. Go to a show at Howard Theatre.
2. Attend the Repeal Day Ball.
3. Spend a day at the National Museum of African American History & Culture.
4. Take a nighttime stroll of the national monuments.
5. Visit Dumbarton Oaks.
6. Attend the High Heel Drag Queen Race.
7. Create a DC city guide.
8. Go to a unique museum/exhibit once a month for a year... July 2017: Artechouse: XYZT; August 2017: National Gallery of Art - East Building; September 2017: Renwick Gallery; October 2017: Artechouse: Spirt of Autumn; November 2017: Smithsonian American Art Museum & Portrait Gallery; December 2017: Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens; January 2018: National Gallery of Art - West Building: Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting; February 2018: U.S. Botanic Garden; March 2018: Hirshhorn; April 2018: Renwick: Burning Man; May 2018: National Gallery: Cezanne Portraits; June 2018: Smithsonian American Art Museum & Portrait Gallery: Obama Portraits 
9. Have my photo taken with the giant blue rooster at the National Gallery of Art.

Eating Goals (11/15)
10. Shouk. 
11. Pineapple and Pearls.
12. Little Serow.
13. The Inn at Little Washington.
14. MiniBar.
15. Bad Saint.
16. Plan a 10 person party at Rose's Luxury.
17. Eat Chaia Tacos in Georgetown.
18. Try at least 20 new restaurants ... can include restaurants in my Eating Goals section: 1. Kyirisan (DC); 2. Shouk (DC); 3. Preserve (Annapolis); 4. Sushi Masuda (Tokyo); 5. Sushi Taku (Tokyo); 6. Chaia (DC); 7. Tusk (Portland); 8. Life of Pie Pizza (Portland); 9. Matt's BBQ (Portland); 10. Broder Nord (Portland); 11. Izakaya Seki (DC); 12. Mason Dixie Biscuit Co. (DC); 13. Garrison (DC); 14. The Inn at Little Washington (Washington, VA); 15. Bad Saint (DC); 16. The Source (DC); 17. The Dabney (DC); 18. Satsuma (Bethesda); 19. Guapo's (DC); 20. The Salt Line (DC); 21. SEI (DC); 22. Kinship (DC); 23. Espita Mezcaleria (DC).
19. Dinner at Convivial.
20. Izakaya Seki.
21. Preserve.
22. The Dabney. 
23. The Source.
24. Garrison.

Travel Goals (3/14)
25. Visit Portland, Maine.
26. Take a trip to "P Town" with besties.
27. Hike in Moab.
28. Take a destination fishing trip.
29. Travel to a foreign country at least once a year... 2017: Japan - Kyoto, Southern Islands, Tokyo; 2018: Austria, France and Germany
30. Camp on Assateague Island.
31. Surprise the Hubs with a fully planned trip.
32. Travel to a new state other than Maine.
33. Travel to a new continent.
34. A weekend in Marfa, Texas.
35. Make an annual pilgrimage to Palm Springs. 2018
36. Visit LA with the Hubs.
37. Visit Martha's Vineyard.
38. Backpack on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Personal (9/18)
39. Volunteer for a cause I'm passionate about.
40. Do a detox/juice cleanse.
41. Read at least four classic novels. 1. The Great Gatsby
42. One full week of clean eating.
43. Closet cleanse.
44. Go on a spending freeze for two months.
45. Read/listen to at least 50 books... 1. The Woman in Cabin 10; 2. Opening Belle; 3. Hell Hole; 4. Big Little Lies; 5. Unquenchable; 6. The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck; 7. The Nest; 8. Truly Madly Guilty; 9. You Don't Look Fat, You Look Crazy; 10. The Death and Life of the Great Lakes; 11. The Rules Do Not Apply; 12. Into the Water; 13. Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy; 14. Giant of the Senate; 15. I'm Thinking of Ending Things; 16. Mrs. Saint and the Defectives; 17. Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood; 18. The Alice Network; 19. Local Eats Paris; 20. Rancher, Farmer, Fisherman: Conservation Heros of America; 21. Into the Darkest Corner; 22. Unbelievable; 23. All the Missing Girls; 24. The Audacity of Hope; 25. Winter Street; 26. Killers of the Flower Moon; 27. Food Rules; 28. A Sand County Almanac; 29. Theft by Finding; 30. Bringing Up Bebe; 31. Little Fires Everywhere; 32. Crazy Rich Asians; 33. Crazy Rich Girlfriend; 34. Rich People Problems; 35. Get It Together; 36. All the Ugly Wonderful Things; 37. The Bright Hour; 38. An American Marriage; 39. Behind Closed Doors; 40. The Great Gatsby; 41. The Fifth Trimester; 42. Educated 
46. Unplug for a full 24 hours.
47. Try a new fitness class.
48. Work out at least three times a week for six months.
49. Invest in a wool winter coat.
50. Add a piece of fur to my closet (the Hubs thinks this is gross but remember this is MY list!)
51. Buy a pair of leather gloves.
52. Attend a conference as a speaker.
53. Organize all the closets in our house.
54. Own an authentic Eames furniture piece.
55. Choose a cookbook and cook every recipe in it... Ina Garten's Cooking for Jeffrey
56. Purchase the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote (I'll ignore your eye rolls... For some reason this bag says "I've made it!")

Just for Fun (10/39)
57. Attend a live TED talk.
58. See at least three live performances/plays/musicals. November 2017: Mean Girls the Musical
59. Watch the sunrise.
60. Backpack for at least two nights.
61. Have my makeup done professionally.
62. Go to a professional football game.
63. Go to a professional basketball game.
64. Take in an outdoor movie.
65. Take a girls trip with just my mom and sister.
66. Can my own product i.e. jam, tapenade, apple sauce etc.
67. Harvest a wild turkey.
68. Hunt in three new states.
69. Make a reunion happen with my college girlfriends.
70. Tip $20 on a meal less than $20.
71. Go ice-skating because the Hubs loves it.
72. Snowshoe.
73. Create a photo book or blog post of our Morocco trip.
74. Create a photo book of our wedding.
75. Go apple picking.
76. Have professional photos taken. See our 2018 family photos here.
77. Take a class on how to make sushi.
78. Make ice cream from scratch.
79. Host a murder mystery party.
80. Make a photo book of our Christmas cards.
81. Host another “friends-giving” not on Thanksgiving.
82. Cook at least one new recipe from our collection of cookbooks each month for a year... Jan. 2017: Ina Garten's Rigatoni with Sausage & Fennel, Ina Garten's Butternut Squash Hummus, Ina Garten's Lentil & Kielbasa Salad, Ina Garten's Lamb Stew with Spring Vegetables, Ina Garten's Root Vegetable Gratin; Feb. 2017: America's Test Kitchen Chicken Piccata; March 2017: Ina Garten's Fiesta Corn & Avocado Salad, Ina Garten's Roasted Vegetable Paella, Ina Garten's Filet Mignon with Mustard and Mushrooms, Ina Garten's Roasted Salmon Tacos, Ina Garten's Crusty Baked Shells & Cauliflower; April 2017: Ina Garten's Cider Roasted Pork Tenderloins; May 2017: Jerusalem's Turkey & Zucchini Burgers with Green Onions & Cumin; June 2017: Ina Garten's Limoncello Cheesecake Bars; July 2017: Six Seasons' Cucumber, Celery, Apricot with Pistachios Salad; August 2017: Ina Garten's Parmesan Roasted Zucchini; Sept. 2017: Ina Garten's "16 bean" pasta e fagioli, Ina Garten's Spicy Sweet Potato Empanadas; Oct. 2017: Ina Garten's Tomato Tart; Nov. 2017: The Splendid Table's How to Eat Supper's Smoky and Spiced Dutch Split Pea Soup, Six Seasons' Kale and Mushroom Lasagna; December 2017: Ina Garten's Foolproof Jambalaya; Jan. 2018: Sapporo Miso Ramen from Cook Japanese at Home.
83. Attend at least three concerts.
84. Send a surprise package to someone.
85. Go skiing with the Hubs.
86. Send 100 handwritten notes.
87. See a movie at a theater at least once a month for six months... September 2017: Dunkirk; October 2017: It; November 2017: Battle of the Sexes, Marshall, Murder on the Orient Express; December 2017: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lady Bird; January 2018: I, Tonya; The Post; February 2018: Black Panther 
88. Skinny dip.
89. Take a flower arranging class.
90. Host a neighborhood game night.
91. Cook octopus.
92. Create my own recipe and master it!
93. Go without TV for one week.
94. Spend an afternoon at MOMA.
95. Take an upholstery class.

Blog Related Goals (1/6)
96.  Inspire someone to write their own 101 in 1001 list... Jan. 2017: Amelia, Emily
97. Get a full time blog advertiser.
98. Attend a blogging conference/workshop.
99. Blog at least once a week for 6 months.
100. Be featured on a blog I admire.
101. Take a photography lesson.

** See the original 101 list below.
+ + +

The original 101 in 1001 list inspired by fellow blogger Mackenzie of Design Darling...

Start date: January 1, 2014
Progress: 70 complete, 31 to go
End date: September 28, 2016; updated deadline: January 8, 2017

1. Make my 101 list public.
2. Inspire someone to write a list of their own. (Kristina - January 2014, America - January 2014, Mayzie - January 2014, Izzy - January 2014, Nicole - January 2014, Casey - January 2013, Emily - January 2014)
3. Get at least 2 full-time advertisers.
4. Install flat panel wainscoting in our stairwell and finish the upstairs hallway.
5. Launch an online network for sportswomen who hunt and fish! (Check it out... Camo is the New Black)
6. Reach over 500 likes on the Mrs. on H Street Facebook page.
7. Master baking my husband's favorite dessert, a fruit tart. (The Strawberry Tart from my GF's new cookbook did the trick!!)
8. Wallpaper our half bath.
9. Attend a formal ball.
10. Take a girls trip with just my mom and sister.
11. Have a date night once a month with the hubs for 6 months.
12. Send Valentines.
13. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week for 4 months.
14. Establish a "what she wore" series.
15. Frame a selection of our wedding photos for the upstairs hallway.
16. Volunteer for a charity.
17. Ask for a raise.
18. Finally learn how to apply eyeliner.
19. Have my house published on another blog or online.
20. Can my own products i.e. jam, tapenade, pickles
21. Do a detox cleanse.
22. Buy good towels.
23. Maintain my finger and toe nails for 6 months.
24. Decorate and finish our guest bedroom.
25. Invest in a warm winter jacket.
26. Get featured on another website.
27. Find the perfect red/pink lipstick and wear it.
28. Buy luggage 
29. Add at least one calf hair item to my closet.
30. Harvest a wild turkey.
31. Make a reunion happen with my college girlfriend not around a big event - weddings, baby etc.
32. Have a picnic.
33. Host a dinner party once a month for 6 months.
34. Take a dance lesson.
35. Read 4 classic novels.
36. Camp on Assateague Island.
37. Finish the home office.
38. Tip $20 on a meal less than $20.
39. Run 5 marathons before I turn 30.  Complete!!! (#1 Missoula - July 2009, #2 Miami - January 2011, #3 Philly - November 2014, #4 Miami - January 2015, #5 Missoula - July 2015)
40. Host friends-giving even if it's not on Thanksgiving day.
41. Go ice-skating because the hubs loves it.
42. Hunt in five states. (Maryland, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Delaware...)
43. Snowshoe.
44. Plant a vegetable garden in the backyard.
45. Visit a new city.
46. Make a photo book of our Morocco trip.
47. Visit a new country.
48. Upgrade to a DSLR camera.
49. Go to a show at the Howard Theatre.
50. Honeymoon in Greece.
51. Learn to cook scallops.
52. Find the perfect t-shirt.
53. Hire California Closets for our master closet.
54. Build a window seat.
55. Skinny dip.
56. See Ira Glass in person.
57. Be able to do 20 real push-ups in a row.
58. Take a pottery class with the hubs.
59. Use the basement living space i.e. create a "(wo)man cave."
60. Write my grandma once a month for a year.
61. Have my portrait taken.
62. Try 3 new recipes for sweets.
63. Take a class on how to make sushi.
64. Mail someone a surprise package.
65. Cook lobster.
66. Try a new food once a week for 6 months. No more food ruts!
67. Go apple picking.
68. Decorate the kitchen.
69. Visit family + friends in Minnesota.
70. Attend a blogging conference/workshop.
71. Go one month without buying any Starbucks.
72. Make ice-cream from scratch.
73. Establish a blog calendar.
74. Host a murder mystery party.
75. Make our own pasta.
76. Swim in the ocean.
77. Make a photo book of our Christmas cards.
78. Find my signature cocktail.
79. Send someone surprise flowers.
80. Go without TV for one week.
81. Read at least 36 books.
82. Purge closet and donate unwanted/unworn clothing.
83. Get a facial.
84. Make soft pretzels.
85. Go wine tasting.
86. Have a technology free weekend.
87. Buy a new original art piece.
88.  Take a pilates/SolidCore class.
89. Learn how to bake bread.
90. Go without driving for 1 week.
91. Finish painting the kitchen.
92. Do 100 sit-ups for 10 days.
93. Master 4 crock-pot recipes.
94. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
95. Dress up for Halloween.
96. Ride my bike to Mt. Vernon and back.
97. Visit 5 museums.
98. Pack my lunch 3 times a week for 3 months.
99. Go zip-lining.
100. Take a fly-fishing lesson.
101. Put $20 into savings for every goal accomplished.

& bonus because I live to EAT!

102. Eat at the top 10 restaurants of the Washingtonian's 100 Very Best Restaurants List in 2015. (GULP!)

      Rose's Luxury
      Fiola Mara
      Little Serow
      The Red Hen      
      The Restaurant at Patowmack Farm
      Vin 909 Cafe

103. Eat the Washington Post's 40 Most Essential Dishes in DC! Follow the food journey through the following hashtags... #DCBest40Dishes #40DishAmbassadors

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